From Yokohama to the World

We became an internationally recognized company thanks to the individual strengths of each of our members coming together.
Since our foundation in 1954, we have been engaged in precision machining, in the design and manufacturing of precision tools and in the development of automatic and specialized equipement.
Since then, we have given our best efforts to build trust with our clients as a business partner by using our previous experiences in supporting their manufacturing and understanding their business.
From now on while keeping key concepts in mind such as "Absolute Quality", "Speed" and "Global", we will continue to venture into new territory to answer our clients expectations.


The thoughts of our founder

"Let's make this a convivial company where everyone can have a vibrant working life"
"Let's make this a place worth working at, a place with dreams, with hopes, and with a bright future"
We pursue manegerial practices faithful to the spirit of our founder.

Corporate Identity

We contribute to the development of our industrial society by being a comprehensive manufacturer of precision forming tools recognized globally.