Adjustments at the micro scale
gear die
Even on a 2500 x 1500 mm stool,
the relative position of the parts of our dies is adjusted within 1 to 2μm.
Temperature control, cranes..
We are providing the best environment for both our technicians and your dies


Precision and repeatibility
We disassemble and analyze your dies to figure out the reasons of your troubles.
We will sum up our work for you in a complete inspection report.


Stamping trials before shipment
Our customer satisfaction surveys show that our dies are trusted to "be quickly ready for production"

All the knowhow and experience we infuse in our dies make them trouble safe.
Working Area Capacity
Press Model Maker X Y Z Qty
30 ton Press 840-30 ISIS 500 400 250 1
110 ton press C2-11 Aida Engineering 1780 680 400 1
160 ton press NC-2-160 Aida Engineering 2040 600 485 1
4000KN LL Forming Press UL-4000-210-90 Aida Engineering 2150 1000 650 1
Fineblanking press FB800-FDE Mori Iron Works - - - 1



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