Continuing technology development without slowdown since our foundation

We invest in people's growth as much as in equipement or infrastructure. Without these, good manufacturing can just not exist.


Company Name

Showa Precision Tools Co.,Ltd.


President Shigeto Kida


1-4-2 Fukuura, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
TEL: +81-45-785-1111 / FAX: +81-45-785-4488


January 1954


80 million Yen

Annual Sales

1,829 million Yen (as of September 2019)



Main Activity

Conception and manufacturing of precision press dies and precision plastic molds, development, conception and manufacturing of precision tools, automatic equipment and specialized equipment.

Affiliate Companies

Showa Machine Tool Co.,Ltd.
NS FINE TOOL CO.,Ltd [Thailand]



Foundation under the name of Showa Carbide Tools Manufacturing in Omori, Ota-ku, Tokyo as a manufacturer of threads, tubes, bars etc using carbide.


Building of Yokohama factory in Bukko-cho, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama. Reorganization into Showa Carbide Tools Manufacturing Company Limited.


Starts making carbide tools for functional parts forming with powder metallurgy.


Company name changed to Showa Precision Tools Co.,Ltd.


Starts the manufacturing of fine blanking dies.


Starts the manufacturing of dies fo aluminum cans.


Moves the headquarters of the company from Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama to its current location.


Completion of the R&D building.


Acquisition of the ISO9001 certification.


Selected as one of the "300 Most Vigorous Manufacturing SMEs in Japan"


"Grand Prize" for our fully automated fly-eye lens forming die grinding equipment at the 23rd Kanagawa Industrial Technology Development Prize.


"Award of Excellence" for the development of the fully automated fly-eye lens forming die grinding method at the 2nd Monodzukuri Japan Grand Prize.


Recipient of the "Strategic Core Technology Advancement Support Project" for the development of a high-speed precision shear forming technology.


Showa's founder Masanari Kida is decorated of "The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays".


"Encouraging Prize" for the lithium-ion battery foils roll forming equipment at the 27th Kanagawa Industrial Technology Development Prize.


Certified as a "Yokohama Chizai Mirai Enterprise" 1st edition.


Dies and Molds business in Thailand begins in collaboration with Nishii Engineering Co.,Ltd.


"Award of Excellence" for the development of the lithium-ion battery foils roll forming method at the 4th Monodzukuri Japan Grand Prize.


Training tour organized to Thailand to celebrate the 60th anniversary of our foundation.


"Technology Development Prize" for our high precision die technology enabling precision shearing with fineblanking and high-cycle forming from The Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity Tokyo - South Kanto Branch Prize.


1-4-2 Fukuura, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
TEL: +81-45-785-1111 / FAX:+81-45-785-4488

Access by car:

- From Metropolitan Expressway Bayline (Wangan Sen) Sachiura Exit: 4min
- From Yokohama Yokosuka Expressway. Namiki Exit: 5min

Access by train:

- From Yokohama Seaside line"Sangyō-Shinkō-Center Station": 1 min walk


Corporate Identity

We contribute to the development of our industrial society by being a comprehensive manufacturer of precision forming tools recognized globally.

The thoughts of our founder

"Let's make this a convivial company where everyone can have a vibrant working life"
"Let's make this a place worth working at, a place with dreams, with hopes, and with a bright future"
We pursue manegerial practices faithful to the spirit of our founder.


From Yokohama to the World

We became an internationally recognized company thanks to the individual strengths of each of our members coming together.
Since our foundation in 1954, we have been engaged in precision machining, in the design and manufacturing of precision tools and in the development of automatic and specialized equipement.
Since then, we have given our best efforts to build trust with our clients as a business partner by using our previous experiences in supporting their manufacturing and understanding their business.
From now on while keeping key concepts in mind such as "Absolute Quality", "Speed" and "Global", we will continue to venture into new territory to answer our clients expectations.

WHO WE AREAbout Showa Precision Tools

Our tools are used to manufacture parts in various fields: automotive, at the heart of Japanese industry, food and beverage containers, necessary in everyone's daily life, energy, with the next generation batteries, but also in the IT, aerospace and medical fields.


About the TEAM ExxP

This is where Showa originates from

Within Showa Precision Tools there is a Professionnal Team in charge of our technology and product quality. This is the "TEAM ExxP".
It is composed of our most experienced specialists in our manufacturing departement and they are in charge of the following duties:

  • - Educator for the new trainees
  • - Expert of our most advanced technologies
  • - Express-responder in charge of rushed projects which would be of excessive load for the technicians
  • - Planner who schedules the production the most efficiently

This is what composes the star team representing the "Showa Precision Technology" and allows it to evolve everyday.




Business hours: 8:00am to 4:55pm
(closed on weekends and public holidays)

Please feel free to inquire.

Your questions and consultation requests are welcome.
For urgent matters, contact us by phone.