Aiming for the ultimate in manufacturing

The growth Showa Precision Tools has witnessed during more than 60 years of service was achieved thanks to our clients. Through the accumulation of "Excellent Technologies" and "know-how", we aim at achieving the ultimate manufacturing in order to maximize our clients satisfaction.


Die Icon IT(Information Technology)

◆ Machining of high-precision parts (Carbide blades, Special blades,...)

Our dies can blank hard-to-cut films, metal foils, or hard disk aluminum substrates without any burr.

Brass cutter

Brass cutter

Die Icon Space Industry

◆ Machining of special materials such as titanium or Inconel

Such machining can be done with our 5 axis machines or our combined machining equipment.

Aerospace part Aerospace part

Die Icon Carbide Thomson Blade, Prototype Parts

◆ Design & manufacturing of Carbide Thomson Blades

We also accept orders for small-quantities lots, or orders or parts already designed. With our knowhow in terms of hard-metal cutting and polishing, we can obtain very astute cutting edges with a low surface roughness, for the sharpest Thomson Blades.

Carbide Thomson Blades

Carbide Thomson Blades

◆ Machining of various materials

The finishing of special materials or hardened materials (aluminum, titanium, titane,...) is achieved with high precision with our 5-axis machines.

Prototype Parts

Prototype Parts

Die Icon Film Forming Business

◆ Drum-type rolling  Trimming

We trim and punch holes in a wide variety of sub-materials, including functional films, sub-materials for lamination press (cushion paper, mold release materials, die jigs), laminated papers for inter-process conveyance, copper foils, and prepregs.

film cutting machine

Dimensional Precision: tolerance between -1 and +3mm

film cutting machine

200 sheets of 0.5mm thick films
can be trimmed together with the same quality

film cutting machine



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