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The growth Showa Precision Tools has witnessed during more than 60 years of service was achieved thanks to our clients. Through the accumulation of "Excellent Technologies" and "know-how", we aim at achieving the ultimate manufacturing in order to maximize our clients satisfaction.


die icon Containers Production System

◆ Conception and Manufacturing

We design and manufacture production systems for aerosol container top and alumium cans.
Our engineers are sent to help with the production launch and for after-sale maintenance, wherever your factory is located in the world.

Aerosol Container Top Production System

Containers Production System

die icon Aluminum Can Forming Dies

◆ Main Die - Design and Manufacturing
  • Cupping die for the aluminum cans body forming
  • Shell end die to form the top mouth part of the can
  • Forming parts for the body of resealable aluminum bottles

We also provide yearly overall maintenance service.
We hold the largest market share in Japan for beverage and food aluminum containers dies.

Aluminum body forming cupping die

Aluminum body forming cupping die

Aluminum can production system

Aluminum can production system

die iconアルミ缶生産システム

◆ Main System - Design and Manufacturing主なシステム・設計製作
  • Conversion system for the can top production (3 or 4 lanes)
  • Shell system
  • Body forming cupping system

Cupping die for aluminum can bodies



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